Jessica Pearson first began utilizing her musical endeavors at the age of 16 when she started DJing several times a month at various Los Angeles venues under the artist name “Twilight”. Jessica also started releasing mix CDs that got her more bookings along the west coast, and soon she was booked for her first European gig in Holland. After witnessing the mass popularity of hardcore music overseas, she took serious interest in learning to produce her own music. Jessica enrolled at Musicians Institute of Hollywood to study Audio Engineering in the Recording Artist Program. Even before completing her studies she began working for legendary rock Producer/Engineer Bryan Carlstrom at Tranzformer Studios. At the same time she was also hired to engineer for up and coming Producer/Engineer/Musician Dean Dichoso at Audio Virus X. Jessica was learning all she could about recording and producing rock, jazz, metal and various other music genres. Immersing herself in music production further each day, she also continued to work at her home studio on her own music. Several mix CDs later, she said goodbye to Los Angeles and set off to perform in various venues across Europe.

While overseas, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Engineering with first class honors at The School of Audio Engineering in Amsterdam. During her three and a half year stay, she played in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Spain, Italy and Russia under the artist name “Miss Twilight”. She has released collaborations on various labels, most notably Enzyme and Neophyte Records. 
As well as her signature style tracks, Jessica is also known for writing and recording vocals for several high profile electronic artists under a couple different aliases. Coming back to her roots, Jessica is now engineering, producing and songwriting out of Los Angeles.